How to rent a car in Madrid?

Do you get goosebumps when imagining a traffic jam in Castellana, getting a traffic ticket in Gran Vía or the crazy taxi drivers? Take a deep breath: renting a car in Madrid will no longer be a horror story.

How to rent a car in Madrid?

Like all the major capital cities, Madrid is a must-see destination for work and tourism ... but also the nightmare of drivers. However, we’ll give you all the information you need so that renting a car in the big city is less terrifying than it seems.

  1. Please tell us where you want to rent a car to give you personalized information
  2. The first thing that you should know when renting a car in Madrid
  3. Reviews of our clients who have rented in Madrid
  4. Tips for renting a car in Madrid
  5. Frequently asked questions that arise when renting a car in Madrid

Please tell us where you want to rent a car to give you personalized information

The first thing that you should know when renting a car in Madrid

Because we know how important it is to find out all the details about the rental and because each city is different, we leave you below with everything you need to know before you start your reservation in Madrid.

What seasons have the highest demand for car rentals in Madrid?

The pace of car rentals remains constant throughout the year, being a frequent destination for both tourism and work.

Facing the trend in other tourist destinations, the month of August is the quietest to drive in Madrid, due to the massive departure of citizens for vacation, although there is a slight increase in rentals during the summer months and Easter.

How soon should I book a rental car to go to Madrid?

The offer in Madrid is always well nourished and you will not have much difficulty finding a rental car.

However, as in any other destination, booking in advance guarantees you to find the type of car you prefer (since the little ones run out before), especially if you travel on highly demanded dates such as summer and Easter.

If you find a better offer you can cancel at any time, even hours or days before your trip.

Are there many queues and waiting times in Madrid agencies?

The wide range of offices in the key points (airport and train stations) means that you will find little time waiting at the counters, between 10 and 30 minutes.

But do not take it for granted: it is possible that, depending on the season, the traffic of customers increases and that in the low-cost agencies there will always be more waiting, of up to more than an hour, being more demanded.

Is there a price difference between different offices of the same company in Madrid?

As a general rule, you will find better deals at the Barajas airport and at the train stations. As there is more customer traffic, there is more availability of cars and it is at these points where low-cost companies have opened their offices.

Below we show you a comparison between three different types of rental cars with three companies, in the most emblematic rental points in Madrid: the Barajas airport and the train stations of Atocha and Chamartín.

As you can see, according to the company, sometimes one place or another is cheaper. This way you can make a preliminary idea of ​​your travel cost, according to dates and place of arrival.

Location Ford Ka Opel Corsa Peugeot Partner
Europcar Sixt Enterprise Europcar Sixt Enterprise Europcar Sixt Enterprise
Madrid- Barajas Airport 344€ 210€ 187€ 365€ 235€ 205€ 455€ 331€ 179€
Atocha Train Station -8€ -7€ +50€ -7€ -8€ +57€ -8€ -13€ +150€
Chamartín Train Station -8€ = +50€ -7€ = +57€ -8€ = +150€

What is the longest time I can rent a car in Madrid for?

The maximum duration of a rental is finite, although it is logical to expect that few customers will want a car for long periods of time.

This means that the variety of models available is reduced if you want to rent a car for weeks and months, although the cost per day is reduced.

Some companies do not grant rental cars for more than a month, and in others after that period you will have to go to the office to change your car for another model, to ensure the rotation of vehicles.

For example, if you would like a car for three months in Madrid, Firefly offers you a small Fiat 500 car for €1,990 final price plus €87 of credit card hold *. But keep in mind that the mileage included in the rental is 5,520 kilometers, which is equivalent to about 60 km / day. If you exceed that limit, each extra kilometer would cost €0.45.

*** Prices calculated on 05/05/2017, for a period from June to August 2017, with full insurance without excess.

What type of car is best to rent in Madrid?

If the car is only for one person, a couple or a small group, both for the big city and to approach certain points such as zoos and amusement parks, it is best to opt for small cars that provide easier parking and manageability and reduce the risk of friction and damage. They are also the ideal cars for drivers under 25 years of age, as they can rent them in exchange for an additional charge for a young driver.

You can opt for the opposite and brag around the center of Madrid with a high-end vehicle, at a much higher cost (since they have a stricter insurance). Or rent a minivan for the family, or a more powerful SUV if you are planning excursions to the mountains and tourist attractions around the capital.

Is it difficult to park in Madrid?

Any resident of Madrid would respond this question with a laugh.

Finding a parking space in the center, free or not, is an almost impossible task during the day. The blue and green parking areas have time constraints and a high demand throughout the week. Private parking lots are expensive, so depending on the parking time you need, think about weighing new alternatives that make it easier for you to park your car for a standard fare.

Be careful when traveling through the center of Madrid: there are some exclusive streets for the transit of resident cars, but they are not closed, and it is easy to sneak in without realizing it ... falling into an instantaneous fine.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Madrid?

On average, a day of rental at a low cost agency of Madrid is about €30, in a medium company are €50 on average, and a premium agency, about €80.

These prices vary depending on the insurance you choose and the extras you add to your rental; but, in general, the more days you rent, the more profitable the final total will be.

If we turn to a practical example, what is the cheapest 1-day rental in Madrid?

For example, you could get a Ford Ka for €25 * per day in OK Rent a Car, with the disadvantage of picking up outside the Barajas airport and losing more time. In more comfortable conditions, you could have the same car for €46 * per day in Enterprise, picking up inside the airport.

Does it still seem expensive? With basic insurance the price drops even more, like €6 per day with Firefly ... but then you also have to pay a €937 credit card hold *. With the insurance at all risk, you would have a €0 hold and more protection against accidents. Remember that most car rental companies do not accept debit cards for the payment of the hold, with honorable exceptions such as Enterprise.

* Prices calculated on 12/09/2017 for a one-day rental of 2017

Reviews of our clients who have rented in Madrid

Knowing the opinion of customers who have already rented with us in Madrid is very useful to have an idea on how car rental companies are in the stressful capital.

Here you can read all the opinions, and these are the key points valued by our clients in their car rental in Madrid:

  • Budget Madrid: The customer attention was too hasty, because of the big number of customers. It took them a long time to process the return of the card lock.
  • Europcar Madrid: Educated staff and correct procedures. Very high repair costs without all risk insurance.
  • Firefly Madrid: Good attention at the counter. New and modern cars, of the desired category. Problems with fuel and in the claim of missing gasoline.
  • OK Rent a Car Madrid: Many waits and little space in the airport office. Cars clean and in good technical condition, even of a higher category than the reserved one.
Consuelo Merino - April 2017 Consuelo Merino - April 2017 Rented at Europcar through MyTripCar When we were driving through the highway on our way to return the car, a pebble jumped and hit the windshield making it a mark ... it was our fault for over trusting ourselves. Wit...
Miguel Arranz Miguel Arranz Rented in OK through MyTripCar They gave me a bigger car than the one I booked, without changing the price, and in my case it seemed great because I always drive small cars
Eduardo Palacio - July 2017 Eduardo Palacio - July 2017 Rented with Firefly through MyTripCar The SUV I needed was more expensive, being of good size. What you have to do is know what you pay for, and a car that is more secure at all risk is an investment to which I am alre...
Pablo Martínez - June 2017 Pablo Martínez - June 2017 Rented with Firefly through MyTripCar It was very easy to notice that the clerk was in a hurry, only a few people working and many customers. I feel sorry for being too picky but that is the only way you avoid being ch...

Tips for renting a car in Madrid

On behalf of MyTripCar team we would like to give you some tips and tricks that will come in handy when you rent a car in Madrid:

  • Book your car well in advance: the demand for rental cars in Madrid is constant throughout the year, as a destination for leisure and work.
  • Compare the rental prices between the Barajas airport and the train stations, since prices vary according to dates and even between offices of the same company.
  • At the Barajas airport there are rental offices on T1 and T4. Make your reservation at the office that fits your flight and check the location well before choosing.
  • Remember that low cost companies offer you very cheap prices, but with credit card blockages of up to € 1,000 if you do not choose full insurance.
  • Keep in mind that there are rental agencies in both the Atocha train station and the Chamartín train station. Reserve in the most convenient for you or compare if it is cheaper to go to the other.
  • If you rent at the Atocha station, keep in mind that it is located in a complicated traffic zone, both in and out.
  • If you are going to move between different locations, remember that in Madrid taxis have a fixed rate to and from the airport.
  • There are rental agencies in other municipalities in the province of Madrid, but it is usually cheaper to rent directly in the capital.
  • Buy an all-risk insurance for preventable driving: traffic in Madrid is very difficult and is the province with the highest rate of robberies.
  • Extreme precautions on the road: there are 15 sections in Madrid where frequent accidents occur.
  • Do not be overwhelmed: parking in the city is expensive and difficult. Remember that the green zone is more expensive than the blue zone.
  • Be careful not to get a traffic ticket for driving on private streets in the center of Madrid, exclusive for the transit of resident cars.

Frequently asked questions that arise when renting a car in Madrid

We have listened to each and every one of the doubts of our clients who have rented in Madrid. To help all those who need to rent in the capital, here we have published the answers to the most common questions, and we also go deep into detail one by one: