How to rent a car in Ibiza

Renting a car in Ibiza can also be a party! From the port to the mountain and from the secret coves to the clubs (but if you drink, do not drive!).

How to rent a car in Ibiza

Ibiza is a tiny island, but in which every day there is something new to do: sunbathing in coves and beaches, going to bars by the port and exploring islets, archaeological sites and the mountain of Sa Talaia. What a better solution than renting a car to explore the island from end to end? At MyTripCar we care about your perfect rental car while you think about what to visit first.

  1. Tell us where you want to rent a car to receive personalized information
  2. The first thing you need to know when renting a car in Ibiza
  3. Reviews from our clients who have rented in Ibiza
  4. Tips to rent a car in Ibiza

Tell us where you want to rent a car to receive personalized information

Depending on how you get to Ibiza (by plane or boat), you will be interested in renting the car closest to your arrival location. We have created these guides in which we provide you with all the information you need, from which rental companies operate in each place to what you should take into account when renting. So tell us, you will get to ...?

The first thing you need to know when renting a car in Ibiza

Because we know how important it is to find out all the details about car rental and because each destination is different, we explain you below everything you need to know before starting your reservation in Ibiza.

What seasons have the highest demand for car rentals in Ibiza?

Since the boom of tourism in Ibiza in the 1960s, visitors to the island have not stopped growing or showing interest throughout the year. The weather is pleasant almost every month and the night clubs are always open as a result.

Although tourism in Ibiza remains active throughout the year, the demand for rental cars is different, and increases in the months with the highest number of summer vacation travelers, from June to September. And it's not just a demand for rental cars: it's more of a demand for small and manageable rental cars, which are perfect for getting around in an island.

If you want to visit Ibiza in the summer and you are looking for a small rental car, keep in mind that thousands of people are thinking the same thing and that the price war is triggered during those dates.

How soon should you book a rental car in Ibiza?

Ibiza is the third largest island in the Balearic Islands, but the second one in population. What is the result of many people coming together in a small space? Yes, shortage of rental cars.

We recommend that you prepare your trip to Ibiza as soon as possible, especially if you travel in the summer. Also, start comparing prices at least one month in advance. If you start early, you can secure a small car and continue comparing prices over time.

Some agencies allow you to cancel up to a day before the reservation, and from MyTripCar we can help you if you need to modify anything in your rental car reservation or if you find another better price in our comparator.

Remember: In Ibiza there are more tourists and demand than rental cars. Be cautious and book as soon as possible so you do not miss yours.

Are there many queues and waiting times at Ibiza car rental agencies?

Waits at the counter of your car rental agency in Ibiza depend a lot on what dates and time of the year you travel and with what company you rent.

In times of mass tourism during the summer, holidays and weekends, you will find more queues, while one day during the week in November there are probably not many customers in Ibiza.

Expect that normally, in a big company of the airport the waits are between 10 and 30 minutes, but in low cost agencies they can make you wait up to 1 hour. In these offices there are many more customers, attracted by the cheap prices of their rental cars, and less staff.

Think well if in Ibiza, where the distances are small, it is better for you to be waiting a long time for a cheap rental car, or you prefer to move to a slightly more expensive agency, but with less queues.

Is there a price difference between different car rental offices of the same company in Ibiza?

As there are few rental points in Ibiza, there is almost never a strong price competition. The main rental companies have offices at the airport, and the few companies that have offices at the port or city of Ibiza usually maintain similar prices between them.

However, sometimes at the airport the prices of rental cars are more expensive, because that is where more customers arrive and there is a greater demand for car collection. Therefore, compare with the port area and the city of Ibiza.

In this table we show you how the prices of rental cars change within the same company at different locations of Ibiza, for a 4-day rental with all-risk insurance:

Location Fiat 500 Nissan Micra
Ibiza Airport 120€ (Budget) 211€ (Europcar)
City Center 104€ (Budget) 204€ (Europcar)

What is the longest car rental I can have in Ibiza?

There are quite a few options for renting a car in Ibiza during a long season.

For example, if you need a car for 3 months in Ibiza, Alamo / Enterprise offers from small cars to large capacity vans, with a price ranging between 2,400 and 9,000 euros for 3 months.

It is an expensive option that you should evaluate if it is worth for you, and also if it includes unlimited mileage. For example, in Ibiza a 3-month rental usually includes about 17,000 kilometers, which is quite a bit: about 180 kilometers per day (on an island with just over 200 kilometers of coastline).

Is it difficult to park in Ibiza?

As you can imagine, on a small island with many cars, citizens and tourists, fights over a parking space become real.

Parking on the beaches is difficult from first hour in the morning during the high season months, and in the city and the port area of ​​Ibiza the number of public parking spaces has been reducing.

Do not get stressed out or enter into conflict with other drivers. In the outskirts of the city of Ibiza there are free parking spaces without problems of availability. If you want to park in the center, keep in mind that it is complicated or very expensive, if you choose an underground parking.

Think of the best for your rental car and your pocket, and do not park illegally since you can get a fine or a scratch from another car. Do not park outdoors in night parties, where the car can easily be hit.

What kind of car is best to rent in Ibiza?

The type of rental cars in Ibiza consists mostly of small cars, two or four doors, since many visitors are couples or small groups.

Ibiza is growing in family tourism and its purchasing power, so in the main car rental agencies you can also find high-end vehicles and small jeeps for trips into the nature reducing the risk of damaging the car.

Cars with more than 5 seats, minivans and vans are less frequent options in Ibiza. If you need a luxury car or van, you can check the offer of specialized agencies in those groups.

If you are going to use the car to go from one end of the island to another, get closer to beaches and move around the city, we recommend a small car, which has less risk of getting damaged and will be much cheaper for your holidays.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Ibiza?

Car rental prices in Ibiza are a bit high, compared to other tourist destinations, because the island is small, the offer is lower and there is a lot of demand. That's why we recommend you to look for rentals and book as soon as possible, so you can find something that fits your budget.

Let's put ourselves in a situation, how much does it cost to rent a car in Ibiza?

With full-risk insurance, in OK Rent a Car you can have a small Ford Ka car for €41 and €0 for card lock *.

Now watch how it changes everything when you choose to pay even less with basic insurance: you have the same Ford Ka in OK Rent a Car for 2€0 ... and €1,105 for card lock *. Plus all the expenses that run from your account if anything happens to the car, from a scratch to the car to even a company sticker that gets damaged.

Also remember that if you want to rent a car and you are under 25, you will have to pay an extra fee that can go from about 10 to 25 euros per day depending on the company you choose. That's why we recommend you look at it in advance.

* Prices calculated on 09/25/2017 for a 1 day rental in 2017.

On an island with many cars, little space in the city and difficult access to beaches and coves, compare well if it is better to save on the price, but exposing yourself to the risk of extra costs, or simply go protected with an all-risk insurance for a price a bit higher.

Reviews from our clients who have rented in Ibiza

Knowing the opinion of customers who have already rented with us in Ibiza is very useful to give you an idea on how are the car rental companies on this island.

Here you can read all the reviews, and these are the key points valued by our clients in their car rental in Ibiza:

  • Budget Ibiza: Some of the complements such as the baby car seat were somewhat deficient and mistreated. Office staff was inattentive.
  • Centauro Ibiza: Staff was not very prepared to serve foreign clients. The office was far from the airport. New and clean cars.
  • Avis Ibiza: Cars in regular to dirty condition. They run out of cars fast. High insurance prices, but fast attention.
  • Sixt Ibiza: Very slow paperwork in the office. Persistence to get extras and special coverages. Delivery of the right model, modern cars and almost new.
Jens Zimmerman Jens Zimmerman Rented with Sixt in May of 2017 The car was fantastic, but the office attention was not efficient, where they tried to make me sick with more special insurance and extras that I did not need.
Max Harper Max Harper Rented with Centauro in July of 2017 The car was clean and new, but the staff could be more attentive explaining everything to foreign customers. They did not give me good directions.
Ramón Ortega Ramón Ortega Rented with Avis in june 2017 The attention was correct and they did not charge me anything for arriving late, because the plane was held for a while and our luggage was late.
Erica Gutiérrez Erica Gutiérrez Rented with Budget in August of 2017 The baby seat they gave us was in very poor condition. It had a crack and you could see the stuffing, the cloth looked dirty. I told this to the employee but they did not change it...

Tips to rent a car in Ibiza

On behalf of the MyTripCar team, we give you some tips and tricks that will come in handy when you rent a car in Ibiza:

  • Reserve your vehicle well in advance: in Ibiza there are many visitors and not too many rental cars
  • Choose a small car to save on your rent and move around the island more easily
  • Compare prices between the airport and the port of Ibiza; Sometimes there are cheaper deals in the city
  • Think well about adding an all-risk insurance to your rental, to go protected against the high number of cars and the rough zones in coves and the interior of Ibiza
  • Check if your rental agency allows you to move the car to other islands of the Balearic, and if it means an extra cost
  • Parking in Ibiza is complicated: go to a parking in the outskirts - do not go around spending kilometers and fuel like crazy
  • Try not to park outdoors in the party area of ​​Ibiza to prevent the rental car from suffering collateral damage
  • Never leave valuables in sight inside the rental car, and take with you the GPS if you have rented one. Tourist destinations are easy targets for theft, and the agency charges you for the losses