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About MyTripCar


What is MyTripCar and how does it work?

We are the first car rental search engine that shows the final price. We reveal you all hidden costs when renting a car: hidden charges, extras, waiting times, card blocking so that you will get no surprises at the counter when picking your car up.

Why is MyTripCar different?

MyTripCar is different because, for the very first time, we show you all hidden costs, extras, waiting times and card blocking BEFORE renting your car. No other search engine or car rental comparison engine will show you the final prices.

Will I get the best price?

Yes, you will. AND you will get the real price, with no surprises for hidden costs. Choose the vehicle that best suits your needs and get all the information you may need BEFORE reservation your car.

How can I contact you?

We are always pleased to help you.
Here is our phone number: +34 965 230 715 (Spain)
And this is our email:
We will answer your email in less than 15 minutes, and we will be here 24/7 for you.

About my reservation

What is included in my reservation?

The car renting. All other prices are shown only to inform you of what you could choose at the counter. For instance, you can rent child car seats, or Premium coverage (and you will pay no franchise), and we will show you the price for EVERY car rental company. These way you can easily compare all fees, including card blocking and hidden charges.

How can I pay my reservation?

At MyTripCar you just pay a little amount of the reservation price in advance, as a confirmation of your reservation, by credit or debit card. Please note that you can cancel your reservation for free at any time, and the confirmation amount you have paid will be refunded. And there are no surcharges. At all.

The remaining amount of the renting will be paid at the car rental company's counter when picking the car up.

Please remember that "reservation" means not "renting" a car. To pay for renting the car, most car rental companies will ask you to produce a credit card. However, some companies may allow you to pay in cash or by debit card.

Can I make changes in my reservation?

Yes, you can. For FREE. However changing reservation data, extras or vehicle category may result in changes in your previous quote.

Will I keep the previous fares?

Yes, you will. Usually, when making changes in a reservation, the car rental company you made your reservationed your car with will offer you the fares existing when you made your reservation.

How long can I wait to make changes in my reservation?

It depends. Some car rental companies will allow you to modify your reservation up to 2h before the pick up time, whereas some other companies will allow you up to modify it 24h before picking the car up. Remember you can ALWAYS cancel your reservation for free at MyTripCar

How can I extend my reservation if I already have my car?

You should contact the car rental company's office where you picked the car up. In some cases, you will be asked to return the car to the office and sign a new contract.

Can I cancel a reservation? Is it for free?

Yes, you can. And it is for free. We will fully refund you. Please remember that at MyTripCar you just pay a little amount of the reservation price in advance, as a confirmation of your reservation.

How much does it cost to cancel a reservation?

You can cancel your reservation at no cost. It is for free. Always.

When can I make a reservation?

You can make your reservation as late as make your reservation15 minutes or as early as 15 months before picking your car up, depending on the car rental company.

Are you truly independent?

Yes, we are truly independent. Our only aim is to provide you with the best information and the very best price from the best car rental companies around the world. We want you to have a great service, with no ifs or buts. That's what we are seeking when travelling, and that is what we want you to get.


What documents shall I bring to pick the car up?

You need four things:

  1. Your ID or passport. If you are a EU citizen your ID will do.
  2. A valid driving license -for every authorized driver-.
  3. A credit card, with enough funds to pay for the car renting, the extras and the franchise/deposit. Please, note that it is crucially important to bring your credit card.
  4. The voucher or email from MyTripCar.

What are the minimum requirements I should meet to rent a car?

You should be at least 21 years old, and have a valid driving license for more than one year.

I am a foreigner, what documents shall I bring?

You don't need your passport if you are a EU or Schengen citizen: your ID will be enough.

A driving licence valid in Spain. If the driving licence is not in Spanish, and depending on the operator, you can be asked to produce an International Driving Licence. In practice, all EU licences are valid.

Are there any restrictions related to Driving Licences?

Yes, there are. Pay attention as this is important:

You must have had a valid Driving Licence for, at least, one year : car rental companies will not accept provisional or expired Driving Licences!.

What is more, some car rental companies will track if you have had any sanction or if you have lost your points, and they may not offer you a car.

Is there a minimum age to rent a car?

You should be, at least, 21 years old. All car rental companies will only rent you a car if you are 21 or over, but for some categories they will ask you to be 25 o 30 years old.

What if I am under 25?

You may pay a young driver supplement when renting your car. Some car rental companies will also charge you a supplement if you have a driving license for less than four years.

This supplement can cost anything from €5 to €25 a day, depending on the car rental company.

How long shall I have a valid Driving Licence?

You should have had a valid Driving Licence for at least one year. With some car categories, car rental companies will ask you to have had your Driving Licence for two or even four years. This is specified in each car's Ts&Cs.

I am reading the Ts&Cs and I do not understand a thing. What can I do?

Call us! We will be pleased to help you and explain you whatever you may need. We do understand you, we've been there too.

This is our phone number: +34 965 230 715.

And this is our email:


What coverage is included in the price?

All companies must include, by law, the civil liability and obligatory third party liability insurances. Most companies, but not all, will also include a CDW. It is not much, but half a loaf is better than no bread.

Where can I see the information of my coverage?

In the Ts&Cs of your contract. So, let's read!

Why do you call it coverage when you mean insurance?

With exception from the civil liability and obligatory third party liability insurances, rental cars do not have insurances, as do private cars, but coverages. Conditions may change, and depend on every car rental company, even if they are called the same.

What is covered by my insurance?

That is indeed the right question. However, it is difficult to explain as it depends on the company. You are always covered by the civil liability and obligatory third party liability insurances by law. Besides that, your particular coverage conditions are specified on the Ts&Cs in your contract.

Can the insurance take no liabilities?

Yes, it can. Coverage and franchise will not be valid if the damages are caused deliberated, or by negligence (e.g. you driving in a forbidden or temerary way) or if you drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol... And then you must pay the whole value of the damages.

In case you have had a problem, you must hand the required documentation within the set time. Otherwise, the company may not take liability for the expenses.

What is a franchise?

A franchise is the maximum amount of money you will have to pay in case your car rental is damaged for whatever reason: damage, accidents, theft...

How much does the franchise cost?

It depends on the company, the car and the coverage. To give you an idea of the cost of a franchise -which must be specified in the Ts&Cs, it can cost anything from a few hundred to a few thousand Euros. And some car rental companies could block that amount in your credit card when signing the renting contract.

Is the franchise compulsory?

No, it is not. To avoid the franchise you can buy a comprehensive coverage without franchise. It will be more expensive, however the coverage will take liability for all damages and no money will be blocked on your card.

Are franchise and deposit the same thing?

No, they are not. On the one hand, there is the franchise, that comes with the coverage, and on the other hand the deposit. The deposit is the amount of money that car rental companies will withhold in your account in case you have to pay for sanctions or penalties. And it is up to each company to withhold it or not.

What is the TPL?

The TPL is the Third Party Liability insurance, and it is included in the price.

What is the CDW?

The CDW is the Collision Damage Waiver, an optional coverage to damages on the car rental. It is associated with a franchise. Most car rental companies, but not all, include this CDW in the price, besides the compulsory insurances.

What is the SCDW?

The SCDW is like the CDW, but improved. It is similar to a comprehensive insurance, and it may or may not be associated with a franchise.

What is the TP?

TP is a Theft Protection coverage. It covers the lost of a car due to theft or attempted theft. It does not cover personal belongings inside the car. Many car rental companies usually include it in the contract.

What is the PAI?

It is a Personal Accident Insurance. PAI is an additional coverage that covers personal injuries, as most coverages do not cover personal injures or damages.

What coverage would you recommend?

We will certainly recommend you a comprehensive insurance/coverage.

Why? Because no matter how an excellent driver you can be, you are renting a car you do not know. Volumes are different, and so is manoeuvrability and car's reaction. What is more, you will be driving in unknown roads, which adds a kind of uncertainty factor that will turn your driving not so safe.

Shall I buy a coverage with or without franchise?

To our understanding, a comprehensive coverage without franchise is always the best choice. You may pay more money at the beginning, but let's think of it as an investment.

How can you pay

How can I pay when renting a car?

Best option is always paying by credit card. Most widely accepted cards are Visa and Master Card. Cash or Debit Card payments are not accepted by most companies, but there are some exceptions.

Can I rent a car without a credit card?

No, but, actually, you can. Most car rental companies will always ask for a credit card to charge you a deposit or a franchise that will be refund when returning the car. However, some companies may allow you to pay in cash or by debit card.

Our Tip: You do not have to be the holder of the credit card; you can rent a car with somebody else's credit card, as far as this person signs the contract as a driver or additional driver (which has a little surcharge) and comes with you to pick the car up.

Can I pay by debit card?

Yes, you can, but, in fact, you can not. Most companies will not accept debit cards. In case they do, they could ask you to buy a comprehensive coverage and prove there are enough funds in your account. However, you may only be authorised to rent some car categories or models.

May I pay in cash?

Yes, you can, but, in fact, you can not. Most companies will not accept payment in cash (nor in kind nor in cows), but there are some exceptions. In case they will, they could ask you to buy a comprehensive coverage without franchise. However, you may only be authorised to rent some car categories or models.

Must the main driver be the credit card holder?

Not always. Some companies will allow the main driver not being the credit card holder. However, the credit card holder must always come properly documented to pick the car up, and sign the contract with the main driver.

Could I be asked for more than one credit card?

It depends. Some car categories or models can only be rented with two credit cards. And not all credit cards will be accepted.

What if I pay in a foreign currency ?

It is luckily that you can choose the currency.

If you pay in a foreign currency, the car rental company will charge you an approximate commission rate of 3,25%.

I paid my reservation on-line, where should I pay the remainder of the renting?

At the counter, when you pick the car up.

Must I leave a deposit?

It depends. In most cases it is compulsory. The deposit may cover some, or all, of the following charges: renting the car, taxes, compulsory insurances, mileage surcharges, fuel, additional equipment...

How much does the deposit cost?

It depends on the company, but the deposit could be the price of the renting plus extras, increased on a 20%.

What is exactly a blocking in my credit card?

The car rental company will withhold some money in your credit card account, so that you can not use it.

The money stays in your account, but you are not able to use it. In case of damage, sanction, etc... the car rental company will use that money to pay for the damages.

Will the car rental company always block a deposit in my credit card?

No. Not always. But most companies will.

Does the deposit cover all expenses in case the car is damaged?

No. The car rental companies will block a given amount of money, however your liability could be much higher. For instance, you can be blocked €1200, and be liable for a €3000 damage.

How long will it take the company to unlock the deposit?

It depends on the company, but it can take up to a few weeks. car rental companies will retain your money in case some sanction or further damage may appear.

Also, your credit card entity could also delay the refund a few extra days. If any problems have arisen, your money will not be unblock until it is solved.


What is the fuel policy?

Basically, the fuel policy is the fuel that should be in the vehicle's tank when picking up and dropping of the car. Each company will establish different conditions and policies.

It depends on the fuel policy.

Most used options are:

Full to Full: You pick the car up with a full loaded tank and return it with a full loaded tank.

Pre-purchased (partial refund): You pick the car up with a full loaded tank and return it as loaded as you wish.

Full to Empty: You pick the car up with a full loaded tank and return it empty.

Do I have to pay for the fuel?

Yes. Yes, of course.

Is it more expensive to let the car rental company to fill the tank than at the local petrol station?

Yes. In theory, fuel price used by the car rental company depends on the daily market pricing, but since the prices change very much, it's more expensive. Besides, if the car rental company refuel the car, you will be charged an extra charge for the refuelling service.

What is the fuel fee?

It's the amount of money the car rental company is going to charge you for the refuelling service. You pay for the refuelling service and also for the fuel. It costs about €30

What is full/full policy?

It's a fuel policy It means the cars are picked up with the full tank of fuel and need to be returned full as well. A large amount of money is blocked on your credit card if you choose this option. If you don't return the car with the full tank of fuel, they will charge you the deposit they already have against your credit card and the refuelling service price extra charge.

What is Pre-Purchase or QRS policy?

It's a fuel policy. You pay for a full tank of fuel when you pick your car up, and you drop the car off at your convenience. You will also pay a non-refundable service charge to cover the car rental company’s refuelling expenses. You’ll get a refund for any fuel you don’t use.

What is full/empty policy?

It's a fuel policy. You pay for the fuel at the pick-up time and return the car as empty as possible, as there are no refunds for unused fuel. You will also pay a non-refundable service charge to cover the car rental company’s refuelling expenses. Remember to return the car as empty as possible, as there are no refunds for unused fuel.

Which policy does MyTripCar recommend?

We recommend to purchase the full/full fuel policy: you won't pay the refuelling charge and it will be cheaper to refuel the tank.

How does the company estimate the fuel remaining in the tank?

The fuel left is based on eighths of a tank

How is it estimate the price of a full fuel tank?

The price you'll pay for the fuel will be estimated as a the average fuel market price recorded on the days previous to the renting, among the cheapest and the most expensive fuel stations, multiplied by the vehicle's tank capacity.

What kind of fuel should I use in my car?

Don't refill the tank if you don't have a clear answer. The type of fuel is specified in your contract. It's probable that the petrol station assistant would know the type but to be sure, jost call to the car rental office.

There different names for petrol in Spain: "sin plomo 95", "sin plomo 98", and diesel "gasóleo".

At what petrol station should I refill the tank? to fill up with petrol

There is a list of petrol station in Spain where you can see the price, which change weekly, by the Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo. This is the website:

I filled with the wrong fuel ...

Don't panic!

Don't start the car.

Call the assistance phone number: they will inform you of the procedure and they will make the assistance service contact you. If you cannot contact them, call us! We are here to help you

Before reservation my car

Does car rental prices change?

Yes, a lot. So, we recommend to make the reservation as soon as possible. You will save money, specially if you need the car in summer.

The price I see is the final one?

Yes, it's total amount for the whole period of time you selected. It may slightly change... However, they will offer a better or bigger car, a better insurance coverage... You may improve you car rental once you are at the counter.

Are you more expensive than other reservation engines?

Yes. We seem more expensive but it's because we show the final price you will pay at the pcik up time, and other reservation engines don't tell you. You will finally pay but we inform you from the beginning.

Can I pick the car up in one location and return it in another?

Generally, yes. It depends on the company. This service is called "One way" and it's an extra charge depending on the office you want to return the car.

¿Y si quiero devolver el coche cuando la oficina ha cerrado?

Many car rental offices offer a keys pick up service. You will just to park the car and leave the keys and papers where they tell you. Read the Terms and conditions of each company

Am I charged for picking up the car in the airport?

Yes, there's a national tax related to picking up the car in the airport, railway stations or ports. It goes from €10 to €50. This tax is included in the price.

Can I have my car delivered to my home or office?

Yes. Some of the companies offer that service, but of course, you will have to pay for that service an extra charge and it's more expensive than picking up the car in the car rental office.

Where can I pick the car up in the airport or in the railway station?

We explain everything in our Superguide of each destination. Even maps! It's impossible to get lost.

Who can drive my car?

The main driver and all additional driver who signed the contract. Neither more, nor less

Is more expensive to include an additional driver?

Yes. Because car rental companies must pay to the insurance companies for every single addition driver. This extra charge might cost anything from €5 to €25 depending on the company and the driver age.

How many kilometers can I drive?

It depends on the company. Some of the companies have unlimited mileage and some other don't. If you exceed the kilometers allowed by the company, they will charge you for any additional kilometer. Prices are in the Terms and conditions.

Do car rental companies charge the same for the "extras"?

No. Prices may vary. For example, a child car seat may cost from €6 to €12 a day depending on the company.

I want the car from the image. Would I get that same one?

Probably not. We are very sorry. When renting a car, you don't rent a specific model but a category. It will be similar to the image one, but maybe not the same.

Some of the car rental companies offer an especial service, but you will have to pay an extra for that.

Automatic or manual?

The main breakdowns in a car rental office come from the manual cars clutch. They are usually caused by the human factor, so the insurance coverage will not cover the repair and you will have to pay it.

An automatic car usually cause less problems, but if you are not used to drive them, you may find it difficult to drive until you get used to it.

Hourly or daily charges?

A day is the minimum. A day, in car rentingrenting, means 24h from the moment you rent the car. Some of the companies, and some offices, allow to rent per hour, but it's weird.

For how long can I rent a car?

It depends on the company. You must be tired of reading this. Some of the companies offer 28 days and some others 12 months.

I have read everything and I'm overwhelmed, what should I do?

You just received the almost absolute knowledge of the car rental world. It's too much. Just relax. This webpage will help you:

I'm going to pick my car up...

Can I get denied a rental car?

Yes. The car rental company can refuse to rent to someone, even though it's already reserved, if you don't have the needed documents, enough credit to cover everything, including deposits/deductibles, or even if they consider you are an unjustified risk. It would be better for you to have your hair well combed that day

I'm getting late to pick the car up , What happens now?

It depends on the car rental company. You have an hour grace period. If you paid the reservation with a credit card, you have until 12:00 am of the next day

My flight/train is delayed, What happens now?

If you get late to pick the car up due to your flight or train is delayed, and you have already informed of your flight number, the car rental companies will wait for you up to two hours after, obviously you will have to pay an extra charge for that. And it depends on the company. Besides, your reservation is still valid until 12:00 of the next day.

What should I do when I pick the car up?

Check the car, please. We know that you are tired after you trip and after the long waiting line. You want to get to your destination and lay down. But it's worth it to waist 10 minutes now to save a lot of money later.

The company has a sketch of the car where all damages are marked. Check there's no scratches or bumps in the panel, there's no cracks in the glasses and the tires and rims are in perfect conditions. Check also the interior and upholstery fabric looking for stains or flaws. If you find anything, check that the car rental assistant write every single of them in their documents.

Before leaving read the Terms and Conditions, check that the insurance coverages, fuel policies, etc, are the same that you rentrented. If you have any question, it's the time to answer it. If you are not sure yet, you can call us.

I already have my car but...

Why that horrible waiting line from hell?

Waiting lines are usually very long when several international flights (Ryanair or Easyjet...) arrive at the same time, and they are caused because the car rental assistants work on a commission basis on the additional supplements they sell. That's why they spend so much time trying to sell better coverages and they don't care that much about rushing up Besides, to fill the contract form takes 15 minutes minimum.

Can I travel outside Spain with a car rental?

Generally, yes. But the company must know it before picking the car up.

I have had an accident, What should I do?

First of all, keep calm.

Check everyone is all right. Call 112, the emergency number, if you need help.

Put on the safety vest and go out the car with caution. Put the warning triangles that you will find in the boot and go to a safe place.

Check the damages. If there's another car involved, you must fill the insurance papers. This is important. Check you filled all needed information in the document. Call the assistance service of your car rental company, they will explain what to do.

My car just broke down, What should I do?

Place the car in a safe place and put the warning triangles. Then, call the assistance service of your car rental company, they will explain what to do.

My car just got stolen, What should I do?

Report the theft to the police immediately. The phone numer is 091. Submit the police report

Somebody broke into my car, What should I do?

Report the theft to the police immediately. Keep the police report.

Then, call the assistance service of your car rental company, and depending on the insurance coverage, they will explain what to do.

My car has disappeared... How do I know that it's been towed away?

When a car has been towed away in Spain, the police put a sticker on the street sidewalk where you can see the place your car is.

Local police will give all the information you need. The car will be in the municipal impound. To recover your car, you will have to show the driving license and the car registration document (it should be with the rest of the car documents) and pay de fine plus the stowage fee.

We recommend to pick the car up as soon as possible, because there's a storage daily fee. No insurance coverage will pay those fines and fees.

I have lost something from the car... What should I do?

Unfortunately, they are going to charge everything even though you don't see by any chance.

Can I be late to return the car?

You have up to 30 min. grace period, but it's just that, a grace period. If you arrive later than that, you will be charged a whole day and some of the car rental companies may even charge an extra charge of €40

I have already drop the car off, now...

What should I check at the drop off time?

Check the car with the car rental attendant. It would take a couple of minutes. Well, maybe half an hour, but it's worth it. As well as we recommend at the pick up time.

Check the panel of the car, glasses, rims, tires... Check the fuel level left in the tank. And check also that the car rental attendant write the same amount of fuel. Remember that the car rental company has still your deposit against your credit card and you may need it as a proof in case you need to file a complaint.

Can I be charge after returning the car?

Of course. Traffic fines, highway payments, parking fines, blue zones... don't you think you can hide from them. Car rental companies charge everything against your deposit and, if there's not enough, they charge them to your credit card. And if there's not enough, they will take legal action.

Careful with these charges, check everything before accepting them. Car rental companies doesn't always send the documentary evidence that prove that the fine is yours: they just charge the amount and that's all. Other extra charges are special cleaning (they say you returned the car dirty) or damages in the car.

Am I charged for being charged and any other problem?

Yes. You are charged for being charged. They are called: "Management costs" These additional management costs may costs anything from €40-45 on the traffic fine, to €95-108 roadside assistance.

The traffic fine isn't mine, What should I do?

Contact you car rental company. When the traffic fines arrive, the car rental companies give all needed information to the Goverment which will send the traffic fine to you.

If you think there's been a mistake, first of all, contact you car rental company in order for them to check the mistake has been theirs and they can help you.

I have falling in loved with the voice of the customer service girl. How Can I talk to her again?

We knew this would happen. We are so nice and likeable! We all, and her too, will be delighted to tal to you and help you with everything you need.

There are many chances that you would want to file a complaint +34 965 230 715

And our email address:

You can visit us: Plaza Calvo Sotelo 1, Alicante, España

I have a complaint, What can I do?

It's highly probable that you would want to file a complaint against your car rental company for some reason. There are two ways in Spain: to request the official complaint forms or to go to Juntas Arbitrales de Transporte of the Autonomous Community.