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  • Amsterdam - Schiphol - Airport (AMS) North Holland, Netherlands
  • Paris - Airport (Charles de Gaulle) (CDG) Île-de-France, France
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    When you´re renting a car, you´re going on a journey. Suddenly it´s more than that since you have everything within reach. It´s an adventure. Your adventure. Feel free and drift away. You can improvize, take your chances and let the fascination take hold. Every beach, every little corner - it´s yours.

    Know everything

    Here you will not only find the best search engine but also the best guide to rent a car in some of the greatest tourist destinations of Spain: Tenerife, Barcelona, Ibiza, Mallorca, Alicante, Sevilla, Valencia...

    For the first time you can directly see the price difference between every office in each province, the charges for returning the car outside business hours as well as the charges for delayed return and how you can file a complaint. The telephone numbers of the respective offices are at your disposal as well as all the gas stations that are open 24/7 in close proximity to the airport or train station.

    Here you´ll also find statistics to get a clear idea whether or not a coverage without excess is worth considering or what additional parking costs are.

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    Compare everything

    When you’re interested in renting a car, it´s normal to think that the indicated price is the final price. But after you book the car, oftentimes you will discover additional costs that will increase the total fee. Costs that were not visible at the moment of booking.

    They are mandatory coverages (very common in Sweden etc.), filling up costs (very common in Spain, Italy, France and Greece) or blocks of money on your credit card in the amount of up to €2000. MyTripCar is the only car rental price comparison who does not only show the fee for renting the car, but also analyzes all hidden additional costs.

    Car rental is different

    Car rental differs from hotel and flight bookings. It´s counter-intuitive. These are the 3 most important points you should know about:


    If you don´t have a driver’s license or haven´t reached the minimum age for renting a car (usually you need to be over 25 years of age and have your driver’s license for a minimum of 2 years), they won´t rent you the car, even though you have already made a booking. A booking doesn´t obligate the car rental company to give you the car if you do not fulfill the mandatory requirement.

    It´s a frequent practice to show your credit card when picking up the car. In some countries a debit card is accepted when you take out an additional coverage, which will however, will increase the total fee.

    Additional costs at pickup

    When you´re making a booking, you´re actually booking a car from a “group”. This group includes cars which are similar in size and engine power ( e.g. Fiat 500 and VW Up ). Which car you receive will not be decided until you ultimately pick it up. The brand of the car is of vital importance, because it´s related to the additional costs the car rental company charges at the counter.

    A major part of the additional costs depends on the tank capacity. Therefore the amount of the additional costs will be indicated when you pick up the car and it´s clear how many liters the tank contains. At this time they will also inform you about the amount they will block on your credit card; particularly just as much as it costs to fill up the car with fuel. They will inform you about the costs incurred in case they fill up the car for you and what it will cost if you want to return the car in one of their offices in the airport. Sometimes you will receive a refund, if you fill up the tank by yourself, but most of the time these are non-eligible costs. MyTripCar informs you not only about the fee for renting a car, but also about the amount of hidden costs. And we are the only ones who do that.

    Coverages and credit card blocks

    Car rental differs moreover in another point: the car coverage. The mandatory co-coverage is included in the price. In case of a car accident the cost is between €1.000 and €3.000, depending on the company.

    You should know that more than 50% of the travelers opt for a coverage with excess. This coverage includes, for example, theft liability waiver or tire protection. We believe that it is important for you to know all the costs before making the booking, like in 50% of the cases when you pick a coverage at the counter without knowing what the price is first. We are the only car rental price comparison website that allows you to compare the prices for booking and coverage of all car rental companies (currently available in Spain, France and Italy).

    With MyTripCar you choose better

    We at MyTripCar have a wide-range of knowledge about every price, every coverage and every additional cost. And of course we´ll inform you about what each car rental company charges. Choose what you like best: the cheapest company, the one who blocks the lowest amount on your credit card, the one with the shortest waiting lines, or a combination of it all. It´s your choice.

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    I have rental cars many times, and this one has been the best. Thanks for making my holidays so great!

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    Speechless!, I was speechless when I saw the final price of my car at a glance, no catches, everything clear.

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    Comprehensive analysis

    The analysts of MyTripCar wrote these articles to inform you about all the details you need to know when renting a car.
    Refueling - A simple explanation

    Refueling - A simple explanation

    Since 2014, a lot has improved as some companies now refund the fuel that remains in the tank. However, many companies still charge fees if they fill up the car for you.

    Which coverages are available

    Which coverages are available

    All cars include the obligatory co-coverage. Usually you can add further protection like the theft liability waiver. Furthermore, you can often renounce co-payment.

    The 15 best tips when you want to rent a car in Spain

    The 15 best tips when you want to rent a car in Spain

    Did you know that Spain is the country where you have the best opportunity to rent a car? Different car rental companies offer the same car with different accessories. At MyTripCar you can compare them to each other. If you want to know more about how to choose the right car, these tips will help you.

    Our opinion about the different car rental companies

    Our opinion about the different car rental companies

    In Spain there are lot of different car rental companies. Many of them have established subsidiaries so they can offer their cars to a wider range of people. We distinguish between low-cost customers (customers who want to save as much money as possible and in return forego comfort), common customers (fair price, higher service quality, mostly leisure travelers ) and premium customers. We can show you all car rental companies in Spain, inform you about their offers, and give you our opinion.

    The advantage of a renting a car

    The advantage of a renting a car

    In today’s world there are many means of transport: taxis, buses, car sharing like Blablacar, hourly-car rentals like Car2Go in Madrid, bike rentals, or private vehicles rentals. But when you are traveling and want to explore and enjoy your destination, just rent a car.

    How to file a complaint

    How to file a complaint

    Sometimes car rental companies make mistakes too. If you want to claim a credit, the paperwork is a bit different than expected. Here we explain how it works.

    What´s new at MyTripCar

    At MyTripCar we strive to inform you on the best possible options and offer you the best car rental price comparison. That´s what we achieved in the last few months:

    Calculation of additional costs in Spain is more precise than ever

    We have improved the method of calculating the hidden costs in Spain, Italy and Greece.

    Emergence of new low cost car rental companies in Spain, France and Italy: Firefly and Pulsar

    They are experts in the low-cost segment and therefore a great alternative for those who want to safe money. Here too, we improved the analysis of additional costs and enlightened how the car rental companies differ.

    More than 3.000 new destinations troughout Europe

    You can reserve a rental car in the following countries: France, Italy, Great Britain, Netherlands and Greece. The cities where you can rent a car are: Berlin, Munich, Milan, Turin, Sicily, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Pisa...